Enroll for Aadhar Card for kids – Step by Step

What is Aadhar Card for kids?

Aadhar is the major identity for adults all around India. It’s an Identity & Residency proof but not of Indian Citizenship. There is a lot hype for PAN card, Aadhaar Card already. Enroll for Aadhar Card for kids is becoming more and more crucial as well. To get Aadhar Card for kids is very beneficial like for Residency Proof, for mutual funds, Scholarships, banking issues. In this article, I will drive you how to get all this so that later on your kid have no issue on this this stuff.

Stages for Aadhar Card for kids

First of all, let’s have a pictorial view of all the stuff;

Aadhar Card for kids

Stages of Aadhar Card for kids – The Reason is Fingers Tip marks change with age!


As you can see in pictorial explanation for aadhar card for child also known as baal aadhar that there are three periods for this. The reason behind is Finger tips marks Changes with age until the kid get into teen – 15 years or above. It is approved scientifically and hence cautions are take by Government of India to get proper identification of that particular person. Aadhaar Card number cannot be changed for anyone, kids, teen or any adult. Hence care should be taken to save it on proper grounds.

You can also get your kid enroll for baal card if she/he is born in any good hospital where they have all the registration process and all online access to UIDAI system. They are authorized to do so. Hence, it will take the pain away from you initially as all identity proofs are done here. This baal card is blue in color.

Aadhar Card for kids – Compulsory Documents

To get Aadhar card for your Junior, no bunch of documents are required, buy you need following Birth Certificate, Aadhaar Card for Parents. But for above 5 years of age bonafide certificate is required from school principle for residency proof.

Biometric Stages for Baal Card

  1. This baal card (junior card) will be linked to parents’ card initially but when she/he will turn to 5 years then complete Biometric including all 10 Finger tips, IRIS of both eyes and Fresh picture at enrollment center.
  2. Once the kid turns to 15 years of age then this biometric will be performed again at UIDAI Enrollment Center for the final time. After that Aadhar Card for kids will turn into independent one.

Importance of Aadhar Card for kids

Here a few very important points to know about Aadhar Card for kids. You can get a number of government subsidies, different scholarships. If you have it in hand already then you may not miss huge opportunity because of your laziness I can say! If you need to start a mutual fund for your juniors then it’s an ideal to get a minor Bank account & start saving for their future. And finally, it’s an identity proof anywhere in India at least.

Hence, It’s your duty in any case to get Aadhar Card for kids!!

Phew! Hope I have convinced you to get one for you junior ASAP 😊

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You can watch the below video for more about Aadhar Card for kids Online Registration

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