Download Eaadhaar Card with EID and UID

Download EAadhaar Online by EID and UID

Aadhaar card is a the most validated proof of identity for every Indian citizen. Aadhaar number is a Unique, Randomly generated 12-digit number provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India – UIDAI. Once your application is approved by UIDAI then you can download EAadhaar Card through UIDAI online system. You can download it by Unique Identity Number – UID or Enrollment Identity Number – EID easily by just following below steps.

Download Eaadhaar Online by EID – Enrollment Identity Number

First we will dicuss how to download eaadhaar by using enrollment identidication number. This number you normally get after successful aadhaar application submission.

Here is the short process to download Eaadhaar online.

Step – 1: Open the official UIDAI portal by visiting the link UIDAI.GOV.IN

Eaadhaar download

Step – 2: Here you are required to select the option  “Enrollment ID” not “Aadhaar”. as you see in below picture.


Step – 3: Enter your 14- numbered EID that was provided on the registration form, like below

Aadhaar Enrollment Slip

Aadhaar Enrollment Slip

Step – 4: Enter your exact full name.

Step – 5: Enter captcha code.

Step – 6: Enter the mobile number that you have already given during application submission.

Step – 7: Click “Get One Time Password”  and OTP will be generated.

Step – 8: Once received then Enter this OTP and click on ‘Validate and download’.

Step – 9: Congrats! Your E-Aadhaar PDF  will be downloaded to your computer, save it on appropriate location.

Step – 10: This PDF file is password protected but don;t worry in last part of this blog I will guide you how to get that password easily.

You need to know this EID procedure as it takes 90 days to receive original aadhaar card and sometimes more that this. But this can be used easily and is as valid as the original one. Make sure to make two color prints and laminate with plastic.

But if you have already aadhaar card & just wanted to download it then you can use the below given method.

Download Eaadhaar Online by UID – Unique Identity Number

Aadhaar Card number is 12-digit unique number. No two Aadhaar are of same number. This is beauty of UIDAI database system. Let me show you how you can get this eaadhaar if you already have your aadhaar card issues. Downloading and printing Aadhar based on the user ID number is the same as above. Here you have to select the UID option instead of the registration number. Follow the displayed steps:

Step – 1: Visit the official UIDAI web portal – UIDAI.GOV.IN

Step – 2: On the main page, on the Aadhaar Services tab, choose “Dwonload Aadhaar”.

Step – 3: In the next window you have to enter your 12-digit UID and the time with the given date.

Step – 4: Enter your name, PIN, mobile number and captcha image to create an OTP.

Step – 5: After entering a registered phone number, you will get OTP.

Step – 6: Enter OTP to download the Eaadhaar PDF file – Time frame for it normally is 30 second. You have to be more vigilant here.

Your EAadhaar will automatically be downloaded to your computer in PDF format.

After successfully downloading your E-Aadhar, we strongly recommend that you create a two-color printout of your Aadhar card for future use. This Eaadhaar has the same meaning as the original Aadhar card. UIDAI has provided this online installation for your Aadhar to be fast, while your original Aadhar needs about 90 days to be offline.

What is EAadhaar Password?

PDF File downloaded at your computer, laptop, tablet, mobile or else is password protected for you safety but I will show you here how to get that. UIDAI has explained it through a valid pictoroal view and here it is


Example- SURE1990 , SAIK1990, P.KU1997, RIA1990

That it! This is how you can easily download eaadhaar through Unique Identity Number – UID or Enrollment Identity Number – EID.

If you encounter errors while downloading your Eaadhaar, please indicate this in the Comments section. We will try our level best to assist you as quickly as possible.


FAQ about Download and Print the Aadhaar Card online

Question 1: If I don’t have lost my mobile then what how can I get Eaadhaar?

Answer: You can get it from Aadhaar Center by visiting it and confirming your biometric details. You can not get it by yourself without TOP.

Question 2: How many times I can get Eaadhaar?

Answer: Unlimited downloads you can do but it is restricted 20 per month by UIDAI. Better save a PDF copy in your email.

Question 3: There are any other methods to get Eaadhaar?

Answer: Yes you can get it by Date of Birth. I will explain this method later.

Question 4: How I can get my lost Aadhaar UID/EID?

Answer: For this you must have your registered mobile to receive OTP or TOTP. Then go to UIDAI official website & go to  ‘Retrieve Lost UID/EID, follow the steps and you will get it.


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