Aadhaar Card Download, Update and Benefits

This post was most recently updated on May 23rd, 2019

Aadhaar card is an identity card provided by Indian government to her citizens that contains actual personal information like Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Biometrics like Finger-Tips, IRIS etc. As it needs proper verification to get Aadhaar Card and hence other information like educations, husband/wife, kids are hidden at UIDAI database. Eaadhaar is nothing but just a softcopy that we download from UIDAI.

Nobody can deny the importance of an Aadhaar Card. It is necessary to get subsidy benefits like LPG Gas, Foods as connected to Ration cards by different states like AP Ration Card, UP Ration Card.

Aadhaar card benefits

Unique Identification Authority of India – UIDAI is the authority that works under central government of India to operate all mechanism to maintain aadhaar card system. UIDAI has its official offices in a number of places to make sure that every Indian Citizen have easy access and complete the necessary process to avail aadhaar card for himself/herself and family.

To avail aadhaar card you can visit nearby Aadhaar card Kendra. Moreover, you can get all the related information online from UIDAI website (https://www.uidai.gov.in/) and you can use toll-free service to get support.

What is on an EAadhaar Card?

This card has complete detail itself. Some details are on the card and other is stored in UIDAI secure database.

Details mention on a card is following

  • Name – As per documents
  • Date of Birth – As per documents
  • Aadhar number – 12 Digit Number
  • Gender – Male or Female
  • Picture – Freshly taken at UIDAI Registered Center
  • Residential address with 6-digits Area Code
  • Aadhar number QR code

Database details store

  • Iris Scan – Biometric
  • Fingerprints – Biometric
  • Contact number – Personal Mobile of card Holder

 Who is Eligible to Get an Aadhar Card?

  • Every Indian citizen is eligible to get aadhaar card but some terms and conditions are applicable – explained in next lines
  • A newborn baby is eligible but his/her parents must have aadhar card already.
  • Baal Aadhaar is for kids under age 5 that will ultimately be converted to adhaar card once age is 15 years after some biometric details.
  • NRI’s/OIC’s are eligible but must have stayed for 6 months at least that particular year.

How to Get Aadhar Card

You can get aadhaar card by following easy Steps below;

  • Aadhar Card Enrollment Centre: When an individual wish to apply for aadhar card, first he/she needs to check the aadhar card Enrollment Centre nearby. You can find any aadhaar kendra but visiting UADAI website or can ask them by toll free number.
  • Form Filling: In the authorized Centre aadhar card form is available that needs to be filled. This form is also available at internet individual can get it from the net and fill then submit in authorized Centre but sometimes some difficulties have come that create a hurdle. So better is that visit authorized Centre.
  • Photography and Biometric Data: After form submission is done then Biometrics like all 10 finger tips, IRIS eyes retina and fresh photo will be taken at enrollment center.
  • Acknowledgement skills: After you are done with above steps then you will be provided an acknowlgemet slip that contains information about your application but more importantly a 14-digit number that you can use to download eaadhaar to use as aadhaar card as it takes about 90 days to deliver aadhaar card at your given address. This slip contains an individual identification number that varies from another individual it is issued till the individual get an original card.
  • Issuance of Aadhar Card: All the data about an individual is verified by the UIDAI that after that it is issued or application may be rejected.

 Note: If you are an NRI or OIC then you are eligible only if you have spent 6 moths or 183 days in that year you are applying in. By the way, you must not to b India during application process as you can complete all at UIDAI enrollment center in that country you are staying. If not just check with Indian embassy there.

How to Download Eaadhar

E-Aadhaar is a soft-copy and can be printed in any form that works like any original aadhaar card. Some people use plastic aadhaar card & call it a smart aadhaar card – It’s not. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on these stuffs rather you can print and laminate it. It is equal to an original aadhaar card.

For downloading E Aadhaar Card you must have your registered mobile to receive One Time Password -OTP that is same as you use any other online transaction like for online banking and hence never share to anybody as now a day’s these scams are increased and one can get loan at your cost.


 Other thing, you can only download Eaadhaar Card once your application is approved by UIDAI for it. Actual Aadhaar card take at least 90-days that can be increased hence you need an Eaadhar card to avail benefits which I will describe later in this blog.

Easy Steps to Download E Aadhar Card

Step- 1: Go to UIDAI Official Website UIDAI

Step – 2: Click at “Download Aadhaar” Tab

Step – 3: Now, you have two option Either put Enrollment ID that you got after successful registration process for Aadhaar card at UIDAI designated center. Or if you already have you Aadhaar Card Number then select that option and enter the 12-digit aadhaar number.

You can get more help if required by click on left side displayed guides. It’s better to read all that stuff as it will help you in longer run to stay safe.

Step – 4: It is just other way around to previous step that If you don’t have Aadhaar card yet then you can get it through enrollment ID which you received after successful submission of aadhaar application but make sure it is only available once UIDAI approve your application already. To find this number see the below picture. Enrollment Number is a 14-digit number like – 5525/250XX/350XX

Aadhaar Enrollment Slip

Step – 5: Now enter exact Full Name as on Eaadhaar slip and also enter area code that is a six digits number. This is called Digital Area Pin-Code.

Step – 6: Enter the captcha to verify you are human not a machine. This in 235687 in our case. But it will different to everybody and bot a smooth text. If you are unable to read it properly then you can regenerate it.

Step – 7: Now click the tab “Get One Time Password”

6.) Now Select the Option Given as DO YOU HAVE TOTP and Click on “Get One Time Password.”

You will receive an Aadhaar OTP instantly on your registered mobile. It is valid for 30 second only. Enter it.

Step -7: Once you validate the OTP then you will see Aadhaar Download. Click it and you will receive an Aadhaad PDF file that is actually is an Eaadaahr card.

EAadhar Password

File you will receive is a password protected to make it secure but you can generate password easily as per UIDAI instructions. To know your Eaadhaar password see the below example

From picture it is quite easy to generate your own aadhaar pdf passcode. You need to put first four letters of your name and then four digits of your birth year.

Example- SURE1990 , SAIK1990, P.KU1997, RIA1990

Hope, I am quite clear to get explain all about Eaadhaar. Now let’s discuss something more about aadhaar card itself.

Aadhaar Update | Aadhar Correction

Date should be filled carefully as only four times corrections are allowed by any individual. It can be name, address, date of birth etc. But all this is to be done with a valid proof. You can do it online at UIDAI – SSUP website, through post or by visiting any aadhaar kendra. I will write about it soon

Benefits of Aadhar Card

Aadhaar card is the best identity proof around the India with so much biometric security.  Aadhar card holder can get many benefits that is just amazing.

.  Benefits are illustrated below.

  • Identity card: Aadhaar card holder gets unique identity. Many difficulties for official tasks are now done easily and in a very few days where previously it took months to get verification and a lot of paper verifications by different authorities.

You may say that it is a major proof of every individual identity and confirm that he is an Indian citizen without any doubt.

  • Residence proof: This card gives you solid resident proof. Government give some residential proof and verification number that is the valid one.
  • Proof of Address: when the form is in the process it requires for the resident address that passes on the form at the end and shows on the front of a card.
  • Phone Connection: All telecom companies will get the connection after accepting the aadhar card. All phone details will be based on this card.
  • Gas connection: To get home gas connection aadhaar card is required. You avail subsidy if you are eligible for it.
  • Banks Accounts: It is must now a days for Indian citizen to verify aadhaar cards to get PAN – personal account number. Also, it is easy for banks now to approve a person through aadhaar verification. Previously, you have to wait for months to open a bank account. Now a days it just a matter of a day – thanks to Aadhaar
  • Voter ID: If you have an Aadhaar card then you will ultimately get a voter ID without any hassle.

I have tried to cover most of the introductory stuff about Aadhaar Card in this article. Soon, I will be writing more if you liked it. Please share it to your colleagues. Let me know in comment if you want to know more about any UIDAI related information.


Note: Never Ever Share OTP to Avoid Any Scam.

Frequently Asked Question

Question#1: How NRI’s can enroll for Aadhaar Card?

Answer: NRI’s individual is only eligible if they have spent 183 days of that particular year when applying.

Question#2: How to register a new born baby for an Aadhaar Card?

Answer: Mostly hospital in India have Aadhaar registration system but parents must have their aadhaar already.

Question#3: What is the difference between in Udyog Aadhaar & Aadhaar Card?

Answer: Udyog Aadhaar is for business and you can avail different subsidies provided by government whereas aadhaar is for identification only.

Question#4: How to change name at aadhaar card after marriage?

Answer: You need to login to UIDAI official website & follow the process SSUP

Question#5: How many times I can make changes in Aadhaar card?

Answer: As per UIDAI it is restricted for 4 times only. You can change anything recorded there on aadhaar with proper proof.

Question#6: It is mendatory to have an aadhaar card in India?

Answer: Yes, it is mendatory to have as it is the best identification proof across India.

Question#7: How to make Aadhaar secure to avoid scam?

Answer: You need to lock your biometrics at UIDAI and never disclose your OTP to anybody.

Question#8: Is Aadhaar can be used as passport?

Answer: No, this is only applicable in India as an identity proof only.

Question#9: Is UIDAI Aadhaar cis the largest system across the world?

Answer: Yes, they say it is the largest biometic security system around the globe.

Question#10: What is Smart Aadhaar Card?

Answer: It’s nothing just a print-out of original aadhaar – Avoid it | Use plastic lamination instead for easy handling.

Question#11: How many days it will take to get aadhar card after enrollment?

Answer: It normally take 90 days after successful submission of application at Aadhaar center. But you can download Eaadhaar which will server as original aadhaar. Take a print and save it. You can follow the above process to download.

Question#12: What is the fee of Aadhaar Card?

Answer: No fee for Aadhaar Card. It’s free of cost. You can update and make corrections online and also free of any charge.

Question#13: How many times I can download Eaadhaar Card?

Answer: As of now, you can download multiple times eaadhaar from UIDAI – No limit.

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