How to get LPG Gas Subsidy by Lining Aadhaar & Bank Account

Pro Tip: First link Aadhar Card with any Authentic Indian Bank Account to get LPG gas subsidy. LPG stand for Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum gas. I will explain about lpg gas subsidy in details in this article.

I assure to explain you all this in a very promising fashion. I will devide this article in two section.

  • Aadhaar Card to Bank Account Link
  • Bank Account to LPG Gas Subsidy

1. Aadhaar Card to Bank Account Link 

There are two channels to do it;

  1. Online
  2. Offline

First, I will explain you online method which I like it personally very much. Following are the steps in it;

1.Online Channel:

Most of the banks are giving this opportunity now a days to get it done through an online and sophisticated hassle free. For this important factor is having an online access to bank account. It should be on your mobile sim card.

Step-1: Open you Online Banking Account – Login

Step-2: Now you will see a tab to connect with Aadhaar details

Step-3: Put Aadhaar card number & subsequent details

Step-4: After uploading all the information, you may be promted to OTP at your mobile.

Step-5: At the end jiust verify the aadhar & you are done.

Step-6: Now your aadhar card is successfully linked to your specified bank account.

2. Offline Channel:

If you are going for an offline Mode, you have to fill & submit application manually. Following are the steps in it;

Step-1: Download Form from Here

Step-2: Fill all the fields as per instructions & use capital letters.

Step-3: Get a photostate of you Aadhaar Card & attach to it.

Step-4: Take all & submit to nearest branch of respective bank – Show original Aadhaar if asked

Step-5: Now you job is done & let the bank process it.

Step-6: they will attach your Aadhaar to bank account 7 inform you.

Note: Same procedures will be followed in each & every bank. Some banks may not provide you online facility.

2. Bank Account to LPG Gas Subsidy

Once Aadhar Card to Bank connection is done. Now, the next step is to link that Bank account to LPG Gas Subsidy to avail opportunity for any LPG i.e.  like Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas.

 Total 6 methods are

  1. By Submitting for to Gas Distributor

  2. Calling any Call Centre Nearby

  3. Online

  4. Post Mail Delivery

  5. IVRS

  6. SMS

1. By Submitting for to Gas Distributor

Fill form 2 & handover to gas distributor.

2. Calling any Call Centre Nearby

Dial this 18000-2333-555 & follow the instrctions


Visit & fill the requirements

4. Via Post :

Download form number 2. Fill it as per given instructions & send via post. You will find the required address on this form-2.

5. IVRS:

IIVRS is the customized procedure for LPG company. It’s rather easy to get district level information about LPG Gas subsidy.

6. SMS:

The easiest & convenient is just to send SMS in following format

IOC | STD Code + Distributor’s Number | |Consumer Number |

“IOC 999999999 PX25478C”

All LPG Gas Subsidy -PAHAL Forms

These are also two categories for this form

  1. Who Use Aadhaar Cards
  2. Without Aadhaar Cards

1. Aadhar Card Based Forms

  1. This Form required to be Submitted at Bank Download Form -1
  1. This form is to be Submitted at the Bank Distributor Download Form 2

2. Non Aadhar Card Based Forms

If someone don’t have aadhar still he can avail the LPG Gas subsidy

  1. This one required to present at the Bank Download Form no. 3
  2.  This form is required to present to LPG distributor. Download Form no. 4

Note: All forms are the sole property of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

FAQ’s | LPG Gas Subsidy

Question: What is Subsidy & LPG Gas Subsidy?

Answer: Subsidy is concession on purchase from government which reduced amount will ultimately will be bear by government. Indian government is providing a subsidy of around INR 18,000 to INR 22,000 crores approximately to its public, you can say only the underprivileged. That shows, government is giving it on below price of worth INR 160-200 on each LPG cylinder than the current market price. LPG gas subsidy helps the poor to sustain their finance somehow.

Question: Who is eligible to get that LPG Gas Subsidy?

Answer: LPG Gas Subsidy is only applicable for domestic use & government institutes like government schools, mess halls, hospitals, etc.

Question: How to identify if a Cylinder is under LPG Gas Subsidy Class?

Subsidized cylinder is RED in color & contains around 14.5 Kg of LPG while commercial or non-subsidized is of PURPLE in clor & contains 19 Kg LPG.

Question: What is the Limit for Domestic Use?

Answer: Yes, there is a limit for each house. Every registered house can get maximin 9 LPG cylinders each of 14.5 Kg as mention above.

Question: How government Handles this Process?

Answer: Government sends LPG gas subsidy to bank account associated with the subscriber Aadhaar Card. Subsidized amount for each house may goes up to 4,000 INR yearly.

Question: Why Government Subsidized LPG?

Answer: To discourage people from traditional fuels & also to help poor people.

Question: Is there any Commodity that is Subsidized except LPG?

Answer: Yes, Fertilizer, Food, Petroleum etc. are since independence.

Question: Can you avail subsidy without Aadhaar Card?

Answer: Yes, you can. Find Form 3 & Form 4 above for more details.

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